UNIDE: Undergraduate Network for Increasing Diversity of Ecologists


Welcome! The Undergraduate Network for Increasing Diversity of Ecologists (UNIDE) is a Research Coordination Network funded by the National Science Foundation. We aim to build a sustainable network of ecologists, educators, social scientists, and students who are committed to identifying and remedying cultural and social barriers that reduce human diversity in ecology and environmental disciplines (EE). Central to our efforts are the perspectives and experiences of students who are underrepresented by racial, ethnic or cultural identities. 2022 marks the second year of our efforts and we are excited to be launching this website to share our efforts and to invite your participation to help realize our mission.


Our activities have been designed:

  • To identify the barriers and challenges that must be overcome in order to support diverse participation in Ecology and Environmental (EE) disciplines
  • To build a sustainable and interdisciplinary network of faculty, students and practitioners in ecology/environmental science, education and social sciences who develop, assess and promote inclusive pedagogy in EE
  • To characterize the ecological identity, or sense of belonging of under-represented people in EE
  • To develop pedagogical approaches and team-building interventions that foster social-belonging of diverse students in EE education