Get Involved

You are invited to be part of this network and we would love to stay in touch!  If you are interested in receiving updates on our activities, you can opt-in to our mailing list

Help expand the network: Please let other faculty members and students know about UNIDE! Send us names of people you think might be interested, please contact Maria Miriti (

Other ways to get involved

Participate in focus groups

The focus groups are not only a great way to contribute to our project but are also a way to get to know other members of UNIDE. We are conducting Zoom focus groups to investigate variation in sense of belonging in Ecology and Environmental Science (EE) fields both among those typically included and those underrepresented based on ethnicity or race. The focus groups investigate personal stories, shared experiences, and narratives of how individuals became interested in EE fields as well as personal and professional ideas about nature. We run separate groups for faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students. For more information about focus groups, please contact Amy Kulesza (

Participate in individual interviews

We will also conduct Zoom interviews to investigate the same topics described in the focus groups.  For more information about interviews, please contact Becky Mansfield (